Title First – or Story?

A few weeks ago, I cam up with a great title for a mystery: Every Other Wednesday is Murder.

Here’s the problem. I don’t have a story to go with it.

It’s kind of a “chicken and egg” scenario. Usually I come up with the story first and struggle with the title. This time, the literary shoe is on the other foot. (Is that enough mixed metaphors for you?)

I’m working through an idea. But it happens in Pittsburgh. And my main character is a state trooper based out of the Washington, PA barracks. He has no reason to be in Pittsburgh.

Do you see my problem here?

Ugh. I suppose this is like buying a house. Don’t fall in love with it. You have to be prepared to walk away. But I don’t want to!

So I’m going to have to get creative. In the meantime, if anybody knows of a legitimate reason for a state trooper to be in Pittsburgh, let me know.

2 Replies to “Title First – or Story?”

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I can only think of personal ones – or at least professional ones that wouldn’t involve him being in an investigation. I’ve just got to work around that. 🙂

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