Countdown to Malice – 4 weeks

by Liz Milliron (Mary Sutton) / @LizMilliron

Well, it’s real. In four weeks from today, I’ll be on my way to a new adventure. Malice Domestic.

This is a conference I really never planned to attend. I don’t really write cozy/traditional mystery so it never seemed to be a good “fit.” Plus, this writer has a very limited budget and the dollars always seemed to go elsewhere.


If you recall, last year was “the year of short story submissions.” Bouchercon, check. Then the Guppy anthology. I could do that. But when Malice came up, the theme was historical stories and my immediate reaction was “I don’t write historical.”

mystery most historical coverBut a story niggled at me, one loosely based on my grandmother’s experiences during World War II at the Bell Aircraft factory in Wheatfield, NY (near Buffalo). So I thought, “well, what the heck.” I wrote a story. I sent it off. In my mind, this was the farthest stretch of the three anthologies and the one I’d most likely strike out on.

Color me gobsmacked when the acceptance came in.

So my “big” trip for the year became Malice. I’m traveling down with friend and critique buddy Annette Dashofy. We’ll be meeting up with friend Joyce Tremel in Bethesda. They have promised not to leave me in the lurch from a social point of view and to, um, help me back to my room at night if necessary (’cause The Hubby won’t be there to supervise me this time).

Of course, it’s not like I won’t know anyone else. Part of the fun – okay, most of the fun – of these events is meeting all the friends I’ve made from other conferences. Other authors. Bloggers extraordinaire Kristopher Zgorski from BOLO Books and Dru Ann Love. And there will be a signing of the anthology. And I’m on a panel!

So I put my fashion adviser, aka The Girl, on notice. Once again, she needs to help me look my best. Pick my clothes. Give makeup advice. You know.

img_2894This is a picture from when I was getting ready for Bouchercon last fall. It’ll be more of the same – but I promise to post newer pictures when I have them.

Bethesda, here I come!

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    1. I did – because it was so expensive (well, the regular price was expensive). But this will be the third (fourth?) time I’ve worn it, so even if I’d paid full price, my average cost-per-wear is looking pretty reasonable!

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