Countdown to Malice – 1 week

One week. One week. Say it with me now…


At this time next Thursday, I’ll probably be on the road to my friend and critique buddy Annette Dashofy’s place and then on to Bethesda. There’s really just one question:

Will I have to bring the crutches?

Yes, you read that right. Crutches. You see, ever suave and elegant me got out of the car last Monday, lost her balance and flailed her way to being on the ground. Ironically, if I’d simply fallen down I might have gotten a few scrapes from the asphalt, a bruised ego, and that’s it. Instead I got a twisted knee. I’ll spare you the pictures, but it was at least twice the size of the other knee at one point.


But I’m happy to report that after days of ice, ibuprofen, and rest, I’m on the mend. I even made it down the stairs on my own power this morning (this is how you know your “little boy” isn’t so little any longer – he can help his dad carry you up and down the stairs).

And really. I only have to drive an hour. Annette can take it from there. I crutched around my daughter’s first dance convention years ago when I broke my ankle and that time I had a cast. I am not missing Malice Domestic!

mystery most historical coverAnyway, aside from my clumsiness, there is more big news. Mystery Most Historical is now out!

Yes, I got the email from the editor earlier this week. The book is available through the Wildside Press site. So far only the paperback, and no word on other vendors (I haven’t looked, to be honest), but it’s out there! Friend Keenan Powell and I decided to highlight the anthology authors on the Mysteristas blog, so you can head on over there for my overview of authors 1-14.

There are some big names. Some REALLY big names. I’m still a little stunned and dazzled to be in this group and the signing should be…awesome.

Shoutout: Keenan’s story, “The Velvet Slippers,” is wonderful – deliciously gothic and full of atmosphere.

Anyway, the boots are oiled. I really hope I can wear them. I’m working on the knee. My suitcase will be packed soon. I’m on a panel Saturday and the signing is right after the Opening Ceremonies on Friday night. So if you’re in the Bethesda area, and you’re a mystery fan, I hope to see you. Oh, one other thing.


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