Slow and Steady

by Mary Sutton / @mary_sutton73

So, here I am. Been a week of unemployment and a week into Rewrite #2 of the novel. I think I came up with a title I don’t completely hate – Out of the Blue. See, without giving too much away it speaks not only to one of the details in the story, but the idea of this woman breaking out into her own as an investigator. Continue reading “Slow and Steady”

Life is Fiction

So, a lot of authors these days are encouraged to set up “author blogs.” This is my attempt at it.

I recently saw a link to an article, via Twitter, that said blog writing is hard for fiction authors. Well, maybe. One of the things the article mentioned to help was to identify your reader, just like you identify a reader for a story. Well, for the purposes of this blog, I hope my readers are like me.They like a good story. Yeah, I write mystery, but I don’t just read mystery. Wasn’t it Faulkner who said that to be a good writer you must read, read, and then read some more? Or something like that. Continue reading “Life is Fiction”