Book Review: Tangled Up in Brew

Tangled Up in Brew (Brewing Trouble, #2)Tangled Up in Brew by Joyce Tremel
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Max is back – so are Jake and Candy…and it’s all good yinz guys.

This is the second book in Joyce Tremel’s Brewing Trouble series and it is an excellent follow up to the first book. Max’s Allegheny Brew House is a few months old and her feet are firmly on the ground. Or are they? Max and Jake enter the nascent Three Rivers Burgers and Brews Festival and of course it can’t be easy.

Once again, Joyce perfectly captures the sights and sounds of Pittsburgh – this time expanding to Highland Park and Shadyside. I always find it a little thrilling when an author describes a neighborhood or drive path and I can say, “Hey – I know that place!” I even learned something. I had no idea they’d renamed the 16th Street Bridge.

I did have a reservation about one character, but Joyce deftly avoided cliched and made the motivation believable without resorting to tropes.

If you read the first book, To Brew or Not to Brew you’ll enjoy this follow up cozy mystery. If you haven’t read the first book, you can enjoy this one – but really, do yourself a favor and read them both.

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